Café café offers a great selection of cakes that vary from day to day.

If you prefer a certain type of our cake, it is better to phone us and assure yourself that it is currently on offer because we do not have all kinds of our cakes in the showcase every day.

Apart from trying out our daily offer of fresh home-made cakes and desserts, you can tell us your idea of a cake which you would like either for a birthday party, wedding reception, graduation party or anniversary celebration and we will make it for you combining fillings which you choose.

In the cake gallery you can see all types of our cakes with usual decoration. However, we can prepare cakes according to your wishes. All you have to do is to tell us your idea of a cake or to choose decoration from our decoration offer catalogue. It is all up to you…

All our products are home-made. We use fresh ingredients and no artificial additives.



Classic cake (12 pieces) costs 48 € + packing. When you order your cake at least one week in advance.

Designe cake price is indicative, because it depends on intensity of production and customer requirements. Each cake is treated individually and we always try to satisfy customer needs. We recommend to order designe cakes at least 14 days in advance to prevent refusing your order because of full capacities. When you order your designe cake at least one week in advance, you can get 10 % discount from the standard cake.

Standard cupcake costs 2,50 € and standard kidscake (cake-pops) costs 2,30 €. The price depends on difficulty of design.

Types of cupcake - poppyseed-nougat, chocolate-raspberry, fruity, chocolate.

Types of kidscake - poppyseed-nougat, chocolate, biscuit with nougat filling, coconut ball, almond ball.